Star Trek Voyager: The Animated Series

As a first run viewer of the original Star Trek: The Animated Series, this feels authentic. From the music cues to the random alien crew members, this precious animated project is perfect. I mean, there are imperfections in the production that are there but not something that is shouted out... they just exist, exactly like [...]

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a breath of fresh air in a franchise that has been overwhelmed by action. The cerebral has taken a back seat to constantly firing torpedoes at everything that doesn't require thought... and that is most everything on screen. A series about Captain Pike isn't something that I ever thought [...]

Arcade Game: Star Trek (Sega)

I remember the Sega sit-down cockpit very fondly. The concept seemed so wonderful to me as a twelve-year-old Trekkie. The execution of the game, however, left a lot to be desired. It didn't have the feel of anything that I had read, or seen on Star Trek. The competing brand was Atari's Star Wars and [...]

Star Trek: Dear Space Santa…

I kid. Sort of. These Star Trek the Motion figures are "Fascinating". I love the detail and the design is perfect. For some reason, TMP is my favorite Trek film. It's slow and dry, yet I still adore the movie to no ends. When I still lived in a house, and had a collection to [...]

Star Trek the Animated Series’ Lt. M’ress

Lt. M'ress