The All New, err Old, Green Arrow?

The All New, err Old, Green Arrow? Stargirl Spring Break Special One-Shot has been out for long enough so there is no excuse for you to have not read it yet if you indeed had planned to so I will just say that this is a low level Spoiler... I can't even comprehend what a [...]

Wishlist: Bandai Spirits DX Chogokin VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker Special

Chogokin VF-1S Valkyrie I am going to take a moment to recognize the beauty of this Bandai Spirits DX Chogokin VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker Special from the Super Dimension Fortress Macross. This piece measures 14.96 x 9.84 x 5.91 inches and weighs in at 3.78 pounds. I really cannot get over how gorgeous this Valkyrie [...]

“Legends of the Superheroes”: An Odyssey Better Left Unfinished

Originally published August 29th, 2015, I felt like this should be revisited and updated... The best thing that happened on TV when I was nine. It was January, 1979, and there were two hour long shows. One aired per week on NBC. I was able to see the first and was SUPER excited to watch [...]

Halloween with the New Addams Family

   In October of 1977 we were treated to a fun little Halloween special, Halloween with the New Addams Family.    I am not sure why the "New" was added to the title, but most of the cast returned for this special even the kids.    Join in the fun and give it a watch. [...]

The Final Words of Thorin Oakenshield

   Of all the animated specials in the 70's, The Hobbit has to be one of my favorite. It severely oversimplifies the book, but it is a genuine work of art and one that I've been enjoying since it was released by Rankin:Bass in 1977. It was this animated special that introduced me to J.R.R. [...]