Giveaway: Star Wars Poster (1977) Magazine GiveawayStar Wars Poster (1977) Mag Giveaway

Star Wars Poster (1977) Magazine Giveaway While going through some of my stuff I found a few things that I wanted to share with others without selling them. This is my first giveaway so please share! If everything goes smoothly, I'll be running these all summer. Live Long, Prosper and May the Force be with [...]

Focus: Create | Read | Blog | Meditate | Move

I want to break free... So periodically I take evasive action when it comes to social media. It's like a drug for me. Worse now, it's my main form of communication with friends and family. During the pandemic it has been both a gift and a curse, as I am sure that many can attest [...]

Shit That Doesn’t Really Matter

Welcome to another installment of "Side-Notes", where I just share meaningless observations. Today's observation is about people whining over things that don't really matter. I reign myself in when I want to address this directly, because internet arguments are never constructive. Have there been things that have been done to some of my favorite characters [...]