Character Design & Development: Professor Singh

Character Design & Development: Professor Singh. Born 1819 in what is now known as Kolkata, Rajeet Singh kept to himself and stayed in the shadows. His parents stressed learning, he was always expected to be reading a book. An odd marriage, his mother was Hindu and his father was Sikh, yet they stressed that he [...]

2021 Digital Art Gallery (Updated 5 Feb)

I've had some serious artist block since last September, then in April things started loosening up. This quarantine thing has really agreed with me. There have been a few outright flat misses but I feel that these represent some improvements in my overall style. The key has been, no matter how happy I am with a result, I can erase and do better. While there is still a ton of room for improvement, I am satisfied with where I am heading... and having just turned 50, I am happy with any progress at all.

Wonder Woman in Graphite

This is a drawing that I did around May. I had been inking all of my work, but using graphite was so satisfying that I just wanted to step away and leave her be. Sometimes you have to know when to set the implement down... I feel like I nailed the timing this time. Usually, I go way to [...]

Digital Drawing: Black Panther

From rough sketch to finish, this T'Challa was great fun to render. I attempted a few different background elements but nothing could compete with the Panther God from Black Panther's first appearance in the Fantastic Four comic. I wanted a Jack Kirby element and that fit the bill perfectly. While not technically perfect for a [...]