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Back in 1978 Marvel Comics and Mattel joined forces to release “Shogun Warriors”. It seemed like a perfect match to sell toys and comics. I liked the concept of the giant robots being piloted by three young people back when I was eight, so it really spoke to me. As far as consistently good plots, as I read them now, they are still entertaining at the very least. Nostalgia factor aside, giant robots are always awesome. Shogun Warriors are still cool as toys or as comics. I’ve watched the original anime for most of the original Jumbo Machinders, and weirdness aside they are pretty fun, but as far as story goes… make mine the original Gundam.

My Shogun Warrior: Neo God Pharaoh from 1997 to 2020

In 1997 I wanted to create my own Shogun Warrior on my Windows 95 PC, I only had MS Paint at the time and my dream. Considering the limitations, I was satisfied with my results. I even made a follow-up image then walked away from my concept. All of the changed today. Don’t ask me why, but I felt like revisiting this old project.

I really wanted to create a unique attack move so I then came up with the “Prayer of Horus”. The Robot fires his six arm rockets simultaneously.

The “stars” on the knees are removable and become swords, and the wings come out of the back like a certain mutant’s claws… snikt.

The flying pose was my first attempt at creating this character concept. I named it God Pharaoh.

I put so much time into this robot that I figured it would make a pretty fun t-shirt design.

Shogun Style | 超巨大ロボットGo!T-Shirt Design

Old Dreams of Godaikin Revisited

In 1984, was 14 and almost as big a nerd as I am today. Those were heady days indeed. Comics were coming into the mainstream zeitgeist, video games were about to really explode after a lull, and music just kept on improving. The beautiful thing about progress is that if you choose to stay behind, you are free to do so. I have three feet, one planted firmly in the past, one in the present and one in the future. Today, I am speaking of the past.

Back when I was 14 there was a big push to bring Japanese properties, models, and toys to the west. I was all in. Earlier Bandai-America brought a line of robot toys out called “Godaikin”. Looking back, those toys are all boxy-looking, and had very limited possibility. Compared to “Soul of Chogokin” figures, these are… quaint, but back then they were vibrantly dynamic. They dwarfed Jumbo Machinders, what we knew then as Shogun Warriors, in quality and versatility. There were ads for these in magazines like “Epic”, a Marvel imprint, and I would cut those ads out and drool over them. I would also spend hours drawing from them.

Nowadays, all of these are too expensive to purchase on my dime, or lack-thereof. My favorites were always Voltus V, Combatra, and Daltanias… in that order. Will I ever have one of these guys? Probably not, but nothing can replace my priceless memories of daydreaming about these giant robots and making friends with others who loved them as well.

Want more? Check out Toybox DX for more details about this wonderful line of dream-inducing diecast and plastic robots:

Shogun Warriors: Raydeen

   This last week I received one of my childhood toys in the mail. It was the 24″ tall Mattel Shogun Warriors Raydeen. The proper spelling, from the animated show, is Raideen and that is how I’ll be referring to the figure. I couldn’t believe the condition that it was in. There are more than a few example of garbage condition Raideens on ebay that were charging what I paid for this piece. The quality example that you can find, are priced at two to three times what I gladly forked over.


   In Japan these giant robot toys were referred to as “Jumbo Machinders”, and in the late 70’s they were licensed by Mattel Inc. Five of the Super Robots were brought over to America and branded “Shogun Warriors”. Of the five, I had Great Mazinga v1, Gaiking v2, Raideen, and Diamos. The only one that I didn’t have was Dragun, which was my favorite of course.

   Along with the robots, Mattel licensed Godzilla and Rodan. Godzilla was one of the first big purchases I made with my own money, along with a Micronauts Hornetroid (another childhood toy that I reacquired). I can forget about owning Rodan… it’s running above $500 for a nice condition, loose piece.

   So now we come back to Raideen. This is something that I regretted selling, moments after I sold it for $30 in 1991. While I would like to get the other 24″ robots, I had a few of the 3″ and 5″ diecast figures and am not interested in pick those back up, I won’t be actively seeking them out like I did for Raideen.



   Maybe I’ll look for a Godzilla, but that’s it. Honest 😉

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