Watch Mazinger Z: Infinity… NOW!

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I know, this is five years old, and chances are that if you are a Mazin fan you’ve already seen this. I’ve been a fan since the old days of Tranzor Z in the 1980s. I had seen manga and anime magazines with Mazin material, and my closest point of recognition was that it was related to Great Mazinger, the Shogun Warrior (a.k.a. Jumbo Machinder). There are a few overly bishōjo moments with some female characters, but that’s par for the Go Nagai course. This movie is a great watch if you are a fan of the Super Robot genre of the 1970s, heck… if not then you may just become a fan from watching this.

劇場版 マジンガーZ

Mazinger Z: Infinity (劇場版 マジンガーZ / INFINITY, Gekijōban Majingā Zetto / Infiniti) is a 2017 Japanese animated super robot film directed by Junji Shimizu. It serves as a sequel to the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger anime series. Taking place 10 years after the original series, ignoring the events of the subsequent series, Grendizer. The film was produced to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the original Mazinger Z.

Vintage Henshin: The Rise and Fall of the SHOGUN WARRIORS

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With a scant nineteen videos uploaded to this channel, Vintage Henshin has some of the richest content on tokusatsu that I’ve seen on the interwebs. The tone is perfect for the content and the aesthetic of the visuals is delightful. The video I’ve embedded is a great essay on some of my favorite toys from the 1970s, the Shogun Warriors! His videos on Ultraman and Kamen Rider are informative and entertaining. Take some time to browse through his catalogue, you will not regret it. While I hunger for more VH content, I savor each second of footage he uploads.

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Saturday Morning Memories: Godzilla (1978)

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Godzilla (1978)

In the Autumn of 1978, my favorite Saturday morning cartoon had to be Hanna-Barbera’s Godzilla. I was already well versed in the giant atomic monster, but this show with its simple line-work brought me into drawing my own Kaiju. For a while it was an obsession. I lament that I didn’t keep the monster books I would create around this time, although I still have fond memories of crafting them. The cartoon wasn’t much by way of a plot, or even action, but when you are eight you take anything you can get. It was also around this time when Mattel’s Shogun Warriors line released a Godzilla toy, although I wouldn’t get one until 1980.

I mean, those were truly halcyon days for me. As far as the cartoon goes, I think the most memorable part has to be the title theme. I can still hear it echoing in my mind. The rest of the show was just background noise until Godzilla was inevitably called to rescue Godzuki and the human protagonists from some large threat. I was probably eating cereal, and drawing in the meantime, before GZ was called upon. From time to time, I’ve attempted to rewatch the program but my interest wains as soon as the theme song is over and for me, that is more than enough to bring a smile to my face.

Super Shogun Full Color Mechagodzilla 20-Inch Action Figure

Standing 20-inches tall, Super7’s Super Shoguns are the next evolution of the Jumbo-scale toys popular in the 1970s and 80s. Here to do battle with your vintage Godzilla, this Toho Super Shogun Mechagodzilla features three missile-firing fingers on each hand (six total!) with the iconic original red missiles, movable arms, legs, hands and head, along with wheels on the feet for that perfect vintage touch. Which monster of mayhem will win the battle? Only you (and Mechagodzilla) can decide! He even has stickers so you can customize him if you so choose.

Disclaimer: I get store credit from Entertainment Earth for every item purchased via affiliate link. Why store credit? That’s how I set up my account when I was collecting everything and had a place to house it all in. Now anything I “purchase” from EE either becomes a gift, is resold, or is one of those rare items that I attempt to make space for.

Giant Robot and Kaiju Cross-Sections

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Some of my favorite illustrations to look closely at, are cross-section pieces. To see how an artist has envisioned the inner workings of any given being or mech is really fun. I had an acquaintance in high school that would do very intrigue cross-sections of anime robots. It was really enjoyable watching the process in person. To this day, I do not have the patience to work out the intricacies of mechanisms nor to draft them.