For the Love of Kamen Rider

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Back in the early days of the internet I discovered wonderful things. Details of tokusatsu and anime from my past. The Japanese versions of the shows I grew up on were, in most cases, far richer and more adult than the “translations” that were aired on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. While I didn’t really go out of my way to catch Saban’s Masked Rider on Fox, I didn’t turn it off whenever it was on. On the contrary, the more I learned about the original counterparts from Japan, the more I would take time to enjoy the programs as they were served up to us in the Americas. Now, Masked Rider was a tough sell, the voice-over acting during the Japanese clips were, indeed, over acted. I took the show with a grain of salt because I knew the target audience of the cut-and-paste shows were not aiming for me. Slowly the internet was able to fill the holes in my knowledge of most of these Tokusatsu shows, but it wasn’t until sites such as YouTube where other fans would upload content was I able to enjoy these shows. Cut to today… I have a tone of Toku on my own personal Plex Server and shows such as Kamen Rider Black Sun are seeing worldwide releases, thanks to sites like Amazon Prime Video. Between Ultraman and Kamen Rider, Ultraman will always win out, but thankfully I don’t have to make that Sophie’s choice. Kamen Rider ZO (Zed-Oh) is still my absolute favorite and only has one 48-minute length film.

Soon, we’ll get Shin Kamen Rider, and if it’s anything like Kamen Rider Black Sun we shall be in for a treat. Where Black Sun was a retelling of Kamen Rider Black, I believe that Shin will be a retelling of the original Kamen Rider.

ゴジラ / Godzilla Returns News and Rumors

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This is welcome news! A new Godzilla film in November 2023. The King of the Monsters will be celebrating its sixty-ninth anniversary. Shin Godzilla was an imaginative departure of the dai-kaiju, but I look forward to seeing a return to the older style of the creature. Monstrosities of YouTube takes us through a few early rumors of the production and designs of Godzilla. After the slow burner that was Netflix’s Godzilla CG anime trilogy, I am really stoked to see a return to a live action film from Japan. What about you? Does this news excite you, or is it just another Kaiju movie that you can take or leave? Let’s discuss.

Shin Ultraman: Spoiler-Free Reaction

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So, through alternative methods, I was able to watch Shin Ultraman. My initial reaction is that the subtitles fly by a bit too quickly in the higher-pressure scenes, but I think a few viewings will make it easier to get into the dialog once I am over the spectacle the incredible action. I cannot wait to own a copy of this film. It’s fun, updated and still has a ton of nods to the original series from 1967. The hand painted energy effects by the original artist, and the motion captured movements of the original suit actor is superb! I have to say, I do miss the chest timer, but I’ll get over that.

If you get a chance… see this film! It will make older fans happy, and bring in newer viewers who don’t know what they are in for. I am giving this one a solid 9 out of 10!

Disclaimer: I get store credit from Entertainment Earth for every item purchased via affiliate link. Why store credit? That’s how I set up my account when I was collecting everything and had a place to house it all in. Now anything I “purchase” from EE either becomes a gift, is resold, or is one of those rare items that I attempt to make space for.

Shin Ultraman | γ‚·γƒ³γƒ»γ‚¦γƒ«γƒˆγƒ©γƒžγƒ³

I’ve been waiting for this to release for a while now. Scheduled for a Summer of 2020 release, it was pushed back due to the global pandemic and now it will be released on the thirteenth of May. While there is no telling when I will be able to watch it, the fact that it will finally be out in the world is enough for now.

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