The Comfort of the 36th Chamber of Shaolin

From time to time we all seek to return to places that comfort us. The old saying of "You can never go home" is true in a physical sense, but I am a creature of memories. My "home" lies within my mind. Often this can be a random jumble so I use flavors, audio or [...]

Shaolin Mantis Style Design

The Praying Mantis scratches to the beat of Her own turntables. A revamp of my Mantis Style, the Kung Fu DJ design has been updated to Shaolin Style. Inspired by the Get Down, this is closer to my vision now with graffiti and comic book style. This design is up on TeePublic.

My Favorite Part of Kung-Fu Flicks

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin While watching "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin" today, a wonderful Kung-Fu film from Run Run Shaw in 1978 and my favorite of all the Kung-Fu Flicks, it dawned on me that I am more enamored of a Martial Art Film's training sequences more that the loss and revenge of that [...]

Thursday Night Kung Fu Theater

   “Shaolin vs. Wu Tang (1983)“!   In a plot to make himself the master of both disciplines, a jealous Qing leader [Wang Lung‑wei] forces two friends from rival martial arts schools [Gordon Liu & Adam Cheng] to fight each other. That sums it up. It’s a pretty simple flick but the opening credits are visually [...]