Star Wars: Everything is Cyclical

This poster echoes the greatness of the original from 1977. I am blown away by the bookend style of poster. I skipped attending the Last Jedi in theaters, but with everything coming out about this film... wow. I loved what JJ did with the Force Awakens, even though his movie killed off Solo, but that… Continue reading Star Wars: Everything is Cyclical


Spending Thanksgiving Day with the Avengers

   Well, most of the day. Watching Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame back-to-back today. While the movies will never get a comic storyline just right, with the proper writers/directors/producers, they have zero problems getting them far better that the stories they were originally based upon. Since I have only seen both films once it… Continue reading Spending Thanksgiving Day with the Avengers

Screening Room

Jon Pertwee: The 007 of the Time Lords

   It's been a while since I watched some old school Doctor Who. I wanted to toss on some 4th Doctor but I had a second thought... so I started my Tom Baker era with the tale that began his run. While I am not as familiar with Jon Pertwee's Doctor, I do have an… Continue reading Jon Pertwee: The 007 of the Time Lords


Mail Call: Mego Micronauts Andromeda

   Mego Micronauts' Andromeda. Baron Karza's trusted mount. This actually came earlier in the week, but only now do I have some time to photograph and share it. More than the last two Micronauts I shared, this one has been on my want list since 1977. Apart from the box, Andromeda is complete and in… Continue reading Mail Call: Mego Micronauts Andromeda


Mail Call… Mego Micronauts

   This week I received some great pieces in the mail. 1977 Mego Micronauts Force Commander and his mount, Oberon. These are pieces that I never owned as a child. They are missing a few parts but I am always down to hunt for bits-n-bobs.    One of my favorite things about these two is… Continue reading Mail Call… Mego Micronauts

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One of Us… Disney Plus

   So I waited for a few days to sign up for Disney Plus. I wanted to let the service shake out a few bugs that I knew would exist. Now I am one of the millions of drones out there. OK, that's a bit dark, but it feels apt.    Now that we are… Continue reading One of Us… Disney Plus