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Saturday Morning in the 70’s

   This YouTube video is one of the better 70's Saturday Morning medley of show openings along with key commercials of yesteryear. The video quality is top notch, and the original intros & outros carry that flavor of the decade that I grew up in. At this point I am on my second viewing, and… Continue reading Saturday Morning in the 70’s

Certain Point of View

My Top 3 [x 2] Robots, Bottom 3, & 3 In Between

  Re-Listening to Plaid Stallions “Robots” podcast. For my lists, i really wanted to pick some different robots. I agreed with most of the choices, but not all. So, without further ado, here is my list. My top 3 are: K-9 (Doctor  Who), Gonk (Star Wars: A New Hope), Zeroid(S.T.A.R. Team)    My top 3 humanoid [splitting hairs, sue me] robots are: Dorian (Almost… Continue reading My Top 3 [x 2] Robots, Bottom 3, & 3 In Between


Venger Statue by Pop Culture Shock

Dungeons and Dragons: Venger, Dungeons and Dragons Statue    Dungeons and Dragons was a well written and nicely animated program that ran from 1983 through 1985. While I had the first Basic Edition set of the TSR game, I never could find anybody to play with. This show was the next best thing, at least… Continue reading Venger Statue by Pop Culture Shock