Macross Plus: VF-11 Thunderbolt

Macross Plus: VF-11 Thunderbolt I’ve had this image of a Macross Plus: VF-11 Thunderbolt backed up on a hard drive for nearly two decades. Once upon a time, I was a rabid fan for all things Macross. Animation, Toys, Art, and Music. Nothing was more impressive to me than the Valkyries, Veritechs to my fellow Robotech fans. [...]

The All New, err Old, Green Arrow?

The All New, err Old, Green Arrow? Stargirl Spring Break Special One-Shot has been out for long enough so there is no excuse for you to have not read it yet if you indeed had planned to so I will just say that this is a low level Spoiler... I can't even comprehend what a [...]

New Transformers Toys Incoming

I enjoyed the Transformers from time to time. They were introduced when I was 14, branded as Transformers. Not being one to care about where I got good story telling, I watch the G1 cartoons and enjoyed them. I never really had the toys, nor did I care to own them. I've been in an [...]

Revisiting the Sci-Fi Dream Team Challenge

It’s no surprise that I watch a lot of Sci-Fi. I was watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager that is focusing primarily on the character of Neelix. A Talaxian “Jack of all trades”, expertly portrayed by Ethan Phillips. It is actually the final episode that Neelix is in. I then reflected on how the character [...]

Alex Schomburg the Quintessential Golden Age Cover Artist

Alexander A. Schomburg was a Puerto Rican born commercial and comic-book artist, whose career lasted over 70 years. Stan Lee considered him to be the best cover artist in the Golden Age of comics. For the most part I feel that the only reason to collect comics from that era is only for the cover [...]