Side-Notes: Ranking Robins

Check out this deep-dive into the many faces of Robin, Batman’s lil’ chum. There is one of my favorite Robin’s that wasn’t listed, Bruce Wayne’s “proto-Robin” from Superman Batman Generations v1 issue #4. The year was 1939, and Bruce’s first outing was as Robin? I love Else-Worlds.

Superman Batman Generations v1 issue #4

As kid I had no love of kid sidekicks. I never needed to see someone close to my own age in order to make the narrative of what ever property they were featured in more relatable to me. I actually resented kids in anything I watched or read because I felt they were taking away from the focus of the story. Robin was different. Robin was clearly there to balance out the Dark Knight, even though he was actually there to increase the “relateablity” of the Batman to children.

Ranking Robins by Dr. K

Call me crazy, but I have a real fondness for the character of Robin. It really irks me when people (especially movie directors) rag on Batman’s colourful sidekick; debuting in 1940, about a year after Batman’s momentous first appearance, Robin has been an essential staple of Batman’s world for over eighty years so to suggest that he’s somehow “unsuitable” is, in my opinion, laughable.

Dr. K

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The history of Dick Grayson, the First Robin by ItsSuperEffective!

The History of Dick Grayson

   I was browsing YouTube for something different and I ran across ItsSuperEffective‘s channel. This guy has some crazy awesome anime hair, and will school you on just about anything comics related. Above is a video of a, near 25 minute, non-stop history of Dick Grayson, the original Robin. From his first appearance to the events from Forever Evil storyline. Grab a drink, load the video and enjoy. Check out some of his other offerings too.