Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews: Top 10 Harryhausen Films

In this video, Brandon ignores his penchant for snark and gives a heartfelt review of his top-ten Ray Harryhausen films. As a lifelong Harryhausen fan I appreciate this list, and sure it’s well-trod ground but it’s a subject worth revisiting often. As a matter of fact, this video is one of Brandon’s older presentations. Check […]

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Ray Harryhausen’s Bubo Soft Vinyl Articulated Action Figure

From 1981’s Clash of the Titans comes Bubo, the mechanical owl! This Ray Harryhausen’s Bubo Soft Vinyl Articulated Figure features 8 points of articulation and stands nearly 12-inches tall. Bubo is even scaled to match the actual size of the original puppet with moveable wings, legs and head. This detailed gold bird with ruby eyes has proved […]

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Clash of the Titans (1981)

Looking back through my past posts I discovered, to my shock and dismay, that I had never made a post talking about one of my all-time favorite Harryhausen films… Clash of the Titans. I could either slide further into my deep pandemic justice-less depression OR I could rectify this oversight. The day is June 12th, […]

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