Pulp Hero: The Black Bat

Pulp Hero: The Black Bat from 1933

The Rocketeer: Still a Wonderful Watch

The Rocketeer: Still a Wonderful Watch, it’s still a fun movie. This one came out in 1991 and I feel like it wouldn't have existed without Tim Burton's Batman. I am a sucker for period films, and any movie that has some solid Nazi punching is aces in my book. A team up of pulp [...]

Drawing Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze

Inspired by a Bruce Timm piece from the Modern Masters series, this is my first attempt at drawing Doc Savage. I wanted to keep the simple lines of Timm's style. There were places where I began to stray from the C, S curves and straight lines that I tried to limit myself to. All in [...]

Alex Schomburg the Quintessential Golden Age Cover Artist

Alexander A. Schomburg was a Puerto Rican born commercial and comic-book artist, whose career lasted over 70 years. Stan Lee considered him to be the best cover artist in the Golden Age of comics. For the most part I feel that the only reason to collect comics from that era is only for the cover [...]

My Top Nine Films Based on Comic Strips

   “My Top Nine”… it seems to be a thing now. Well, it’s only my second top nine list, but is could be a thing. Why not a Top Ten? In both cases I really couldn’t come up with ten picks, for the life of me.    This one is simple. Comic strips to the [...]