Marvel’s Batman: Nighthawk

Kyle Richmond's history in the pages of Marvel has been somewhat complicated. Being in the main continuity proper and also in parallel earth as a Batman allegory, he's been all over the map. A villain, a hero, no matter which he's been interesting. It wasn't until a later retooling that he became far more interesting [...]

Justice League Analogs

Justice League Analogs May seems to be my month for Justice League Analogs, and that is just my speed. I've always loved when companies created different versions of the Justice League. While the Crime Syndicate, by DC, is already on the third issue I just discovered it on Comixology when I logged in to purchase [...]

Marvel Double Action #1 (2021)

Marvel Double Action #1 (2021) Marvel Double Action #1 (2021) is SOOOOO Bronze Age it hurts. Hurts in the best way possible. This book has me genuinely excited. The art, the layout, the concept... it all feels like something I would see sitting in a spinner rack back in the late 70's or the early [...]