Giancarlo Esposito Eyeing the Role of Professor X?

Giancarlo Esposito Confirms Talks with Marvel Studios, with his sights on the Role of Professor X. Yes, please! This would be a perfect role for this actor. I've enjoyed him in everything that I have seen him in. His roles as the Queen's Mirror in Once Upon a Time, Pastor Ramon Cruz in The Get [...]

Digital Illustration: The Dazzler

The Dazzler When Disco was supreme, she was its Mutant Queen.

Mego Style: Prince Namor, the Submariner

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Dead-Eye Design

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Submariner: The Complexity of Namor

So. Namor. Easily one of my favorite Marvel characters. When he's good, he the most noblest of heroes, yet when he is bad he can be the most vile being in the Marvel Universe. He is one of the better anti-heroes in all of comicdom. He began as a terror to humanity, then became a [...]