Star Wars: The Wilderness Years

I call these the "Wild West Days" of Star Wars. There was nothing but holes to fill since there was only a film and a little more in the novel plus the radio play. We all were left to our own imagination as to what Star Wars was. The comics showed us that there were [...]

Sale on My TeePublic Shop – 1500 Designs and Counting

View Doc's Designs on TeePublic Today I hit 1500 designs on my TeePublic account. Not all are winners, but there are a few that some folks have really enjoyed. I still have yet to see one of my shirts out in the wild, but I have a few friends who have sent me photos of [...]

There’s a Starro Waiting in the Sky

He'd like to come and meet us, and he'd like to take our minds.

Working Class Dog

Today I am looking back at the first album that I bought with my own money in 1981, when I was eleven. This was Rick Springfield's fifth album and Jesse's Girl was his first huge hit. It was pretty exciting, and it felt like a right-of-passage. I wore that cassette tape out. Working Class [...]

Marvel Super Special Number One

Marvel Super Special Number One Marvel Super Special Number One starring KISS. This one will go down in history for the gimmick that was used to hype this magazine. The story was printed with the band members actual blood mixed into the ink. I wish the story was as epic as the publicity stunt, but [...]