Flashpointing at the Obvious

Ezra Miller seems to not be able to avoid drama. Whether allegedly on the set, or in social situations out in the world. I’ve always enjoyed Ezra’s work, and I love his take on the Flash. Having said that, I want to see Grant Gustin replace him. Nothing really needs to be re-filmed… something can happen, and Grant ends up filling in for the rest of the film. It would be a great Multiverse type flip and Grant makes a better Barry Allen, in my opinion.

Blue Falcon Redesign

Blue Falcon

My Blue Falcon redesign based on a sketch by TonyZeller-614 on DeviantArt. His piece inspired me, and I used my version as an opportunity to play with rendering styles. Check out Tony’s here: deviantart.com/tonyzeller-614/art/Blue-Falcon-Sketch-390502056

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Multiverse Nouveau: All Ages Coloring Book on Amazon

Multiverse Nouveau: All Ages Coloring Book on Amazon

A Collection of illustrations by Darran Hight a.k.a. Doctor Multiverse (me), this was a labor of love. For a long time, I’ve wanted to create something unique to share with people and this coloring book seemed to be the best way to begin.

This is something that I was REALLY excited to do! I cannot tell you how much fun this was to do. It was a very positive step for me to take after such a difficult year and a half. At $14.99, for eighteen printed pages, I think it’s a great deal. These are all my characters and illustrations from the past few years… some were physical that I had to digitize, while others were finished pieces that I reformatted for a coloring book platform.

Downton Abbey Nerd

So, let’s talk about a show that we have watched over and over again. Mrs. Multiverse and I have probably watched the entire series through at least ten times over. I know. I am as shocked by this revelation as you are! It’s not my normal fare. Far from it. Yet here I am. I am a Downton Abbey Nerd.

Downton Abbey was just something that my life mate would watch regularly. As time wore on I began to pay attention to it, then become entwined in the story. Now I consider it somewhat of a comfort program to put on when I don’t want to make a decision about what to watch. Sometimes it’s once per evening, while others I’ll just let three or four episodes roll at a time.

It’s a good story, although the characters are not entirely consistent. From time to time we discuss how a character is acting out of character, or how they are written well in how their growth has progressed.

There is a bit of buzz about the impending second movie that has been dubbed “A New Era” and moved from a release in December 2021 to March 2022. I am stocked to catch up on the Crawly family… it’s still funny to me that I feel like that. It’s not a lifestyle I long for, and watching a group of wealthy folks doing wealthy folk things is something that I avoid… but the stories are compelling and Allen Leech’s “Tom Branson” represents my voice well enough to where I feel somewhat represented.

The name of my game is the “Multiverse” and thus there is room for just about everything. That’s how I roll, and it opens my world up to so many different things.

Doctor Multiverse: Time for a Change

Doctor Multiverse: Time for a Change

Doctor Multiverse: Time for a Change. If you’ve visited the site you might have noticed the change. No more “Max-a-Tron” but now “Skull Mask” is the site’s mascot. “Skull Mask” is outfitted in my standard Ranger Zero color scheme. The great thing about being a citizen of the Multiverse is that there are infinite numbers of me that I could be. This new version is just another me… Doctor Multiverse.

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