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BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #159 — The Tom Brevoort Experience

The Justice League team up books with the Justice Society were always a favorite of mine. Even when I was a youngling and didn’t really grasp alternate universes, I enjoyed the action-packed pages with all the strange and new superheroes. My first exposure to the Quality Comics’ heroes, The Freedom Fighters, came from the pages of the Justice League of America. Read about this epic team-up from JLA #159 from Tom Brevoort.

I was also able to pick up the new issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA at the 7-11 as well. This was the first half of the yearly team-up with the Justice Society of America of Earth-2, which was something I always looked for ward to (even though these stories often got crowded with far […]


Data Bits: Brünnhilde | Renfield | Primal | D&D | Mazinger Zero

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Data Bits is always evolving. Slightly new format, less commentary, same stories of interest.

This incredible newly released photo of Brünnhilde the Cat now belongs to the world
Yes, Master! The First Trailer For Renfield Creeps Online
This Foldable Smartphone Turns into BEAST WARS: TRANSFORMERS’ Optimus Primal
Dungeons & Dragons’ New License Tightens Its Grip on Competition
Fascinate the main character of INFINITISM “Mazinger ZERO” with luminous expression painting!

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