Thunder Woman

Thunder Woman The year is 1941 on Earth ABC, on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle, Dianna of Paradise Island failed her trial of bullets and bracelets. She is healed by the Amazonian Purple Healing Ray, and quickly recovers. In 1942 the Axis forces kill Steve Trevor and capture the Amazon who became Wonder [...]

Ezra Miller’s Flash Could Still Be Replaced

Ezra Miller's Flash could still be replaced. Yep, in the Multiverse nothing is off the table. Hear me out. Ezra is... well something is up with him. It is something that makes the suits at Warner Brothers uncomfortable. Heck I am not sure I'd want to hang out with him. I really started out as [...]

DC Showcase Presents

Some of the best comic book-related entertainment has to be DC's Showcase. One-off episodes of some sometimes obscure characters and groups. While not really tied to any singular continuity, all are very entertaining. I would love to see Challengers of the Unknown given the DCS treatment. The format would make a great anthology series for [...]

Illustration: Mego Heroes

Green Arrow Captain America how I wish he was. The Flash we never got. Falcon

Marvel’s Batman: Nighthawk

Kyle Richmond's history in the pages of Marvel has been somewhat complicated. Being in the main continuity proper and also in parallel earth as a Batman allegory, he's been all over the map. A villain, a hero, no matter which he's been interesting. It wasn't until a later retooling that he became far more interesting [...]