Ken Kelly Gallery

May 19, 1946 - June 3, 2022 Let's take a moment out of our busy day and appreciate the art of Ken Kelly.

That Moment when I became a Comic Book Collector

Back in 1978-79 my Mum surprised me with two subscriptions to Marvel comics. One was for the Amazing Spider-Man and the other was for the Incredible Hulk.  My first issues were Spider-Man #212, the first appearance of Hydro-Man , and Hulk #254, the first appearance of the U-Foes. I remember these issues vividly. Now years before this epic moment in my life, well it seemed [...]

Illustration: Micronauts’ Time Traveler

The Micronauts' Time Traveler... they came from 1976. Inspired by the art of T.N. Perkins, I was playing with his different styles and I really dig the results. My plan is to explore it a bit more.

Vintage Mego Comic Book Ads

Hornetroid by Ken Kelly

Hornetroid by Ken Kelly Hornetroid by Ken Kelly. This is one of Ken's works that is my absolute favorites. This could be because the toy is also a childhood favorite. I still have mine, and have yet to part with even though I should.