Do Not Disturb; a Tale of Bruce Lee (李小龍)

Do Not Disturb; a Tale of Bruce Lee. This is from a conversation between Joe Hyams, Sterling Silliphant and Bruce Lee (李小龍 – Li Jun Fan) Do Not Disturb; a Tale of Bruce Lee On one such occasion we talked about the difference between wasting time and spending time. Bruce was the first to speak. “To spend [...]

There Can Only Be One

There Can Only Be One... Highlander. Or two, possibly more if the money is there. OK, I didn't intend to roast this series, but to praise it. It impetus for this entry is the Pluto app's "Gamming" channel which plays the series in the evenings. Pardon me if I gush a bit. Highlander was a [...]

Secrets & Mysteries: Ninja the Real Story (1989)

It was in this magazine where I was introduced to Ninjutsu ❤ This is a VHS conversion from a tape that I've owned for over three decades. I enjoy rewatching it from time to time for nostalgia's sake. It features Stephen K.Hayes, of the Bujinkan at that time, and members of Genbukan. I have been [...]

Focus: Create | Read | Blog | Meditate | Move

I want to break free... So periodically I take evasive action when it comes to social media. It's like a drug for me. Worse now, it's my main form of communication with friends and family. During the pandemic it has been both a gift and a curse, as I am sure that many can attest [...]

A Guide to the Official Martial Art of the Federation

Allow Kirk-Sifu to be your guide the the manly art of K'ombat... Click the image to see this on Deviant art, and visit while you are at it.