Digital Art: Athena

After three and a half days of a sinus headache that kept me down, I return to my drawing tablet with this Greek God. Athena Goddess of Wisdom and War. I was inspired by a piece by Ramona Fradon. This is the first piece in a while that I have felt really good about. Some [...]

Predator Jungle Hunter 1:4 Scale Action Figure

Predator Jungle Hunter 1:4 Scale Action Figure Predator Jungle Hunter 1:4 Scale Action Figure on Entertainment Earth Noting beats the first Predator. Well, except for Dutch. Upgraded 1:4 scale Predator action figure!Entirely accurate to the movie design.Jungle Hunter stands 19-inches tall, with 20 points of articulation.Includes mesh bodysuit netting, removable backpack, trophy skulls, and necklace! [...]

Ultraman Suit Taro the Netflix Anime S.H.Figuarts Action Figure

One of the shining stars of the second season of the Netflix Ultraman CG Anime series. for me at the very least, has to be Taro. The character has a pre-existing superpower that the Iron-Man style suit helps to control. It's a really fun concept and I would love to add this to my Ultraman [...]

Godzilla Ultimates Shogun Godzilla 8-Inch Action Figure

Shop Godzilla Ultimates Shogun Godzilla on Entertainment Earth A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Super7 ReAction figure for the Shogun Godzilla. The 3¾ figure is a great little monster, and I love mine. Then Super7 announced this guy. It stands a whopping eight inches tall and has all the functionality of the original [...]

Eye On New Action Figures of Note

New and Trending Items at Entertainment Earth Masters of the Universe Masterverse She-Ra Deluxe Action Figure DC Multiverse Talon 7-Inch Scale Action Figure DC Multiverse Batman Superman: Speeding Bullets 7-Inch Scale Action Figure X-Men Wolverine One:12 Collective Deluxe Steel Box Edition Action Figure I am an old school vintage collector. Heck, my hard deck of [...]