A Few of My Top Featured Designs on TeePublic

The following five designs are some of my top selling on TeePublic.com. Last November I featured the Top Five, this time I wanted to give six through ten a signal boost. While most of my top designs are not my personal favorites, I am stoked that they are other people's favorites ^_^ Man From Atlantis [...]

Man From Atlantis Symbol

The one thing that I found visually stunning about this show from 1977, other than Patrick Duffy or his swimming style, was the spiral symbol that he bore on his trunks. I can recall drawing that symbol over and over when I was 7. This symbol is probably responsible for my affinity for spirals in [...]

The Man from Atlantis 1977

Back in 1977 the world was an amazing place. It was probably one of the most influential years, in my lifetime that I can recall. This show, well it was a blip on the radar for that year, but it was a huge blip for me. The Man from Atlantis bucked trends of the time [...]

Revisiting the Sci-Fi Dream Team Challenge

It’s no surprise that I watch a lot of Sci-Fi. I was watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager that is focusing primarily on the character of Neelix. A Talaxian “Jack of all trades”, expertly portrayed by Ethan Phillips. It is actually the final episode that Neelix is in. I then reflected on how the character [...]