Moving Yet Again :/

So once again we are relocating our HQ. Apart from a tale of greed, that I won't recount here, we were informed late last week that we needed to vacate our domicile of the last seven years. It's a bit of a shock since the house is owned by family... yeah. We've all had a [...]

Focus: Create | Read | Blog | Meditate | Move

I want to break free... So periodically I take evasive action when it comes to social media. It's like a drug for me. Worse now, it's my main form of communication with friends and family. During the pandemic it has been both a gift and a curse, as I am sure that many can attest [...]

Greenish: The Brekr Electric Moped

   This is a pretty cool idea, and I really appreciate the lines but where is the "Ped" part of this MoPed? The pedals to power the vehicle when it runs out of fuel or you just feel like peddling is one of the "greenest" things that you can do, and they are absent. At [...]


FookinIrishman on Twitch   Check out my pal FookinIrishman on Twitch. It's pretty entertaining watching him point and click his enemies to death. He's a great guy, and could use some moral support. Check out some of his work on Instagram below.

Retro-Futurism: The Futuro House is the Home of the Future, via the 1960’s

   I have always been interested in Retro Futuristic design and living the Sci-Fi Lifestyle. Specifically from the early 60’s to the early 80’s. I have come up with a floor plan like this one and, coupled with a few modifications, some green energy options, my family and I could easily live comfortably in one [...]