Star Wars: Kenner Style Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars: Kenner Style Obi-Wan Kenobi I wanted my own Obi-Wan Kenobi figure in Kenner style, so I made my own.

Star Wars: The Wilderness Years

I call these the "Wild West Days" of Star Wars. There was nothing but holes to fill since there was only a film and a little more in the novel plus the radio play. We all were left to our own imagination as to what Star Wars was. The comics showed us that there were [...]

Better. Stronger. Faster. The Six Million Dollar Man.

If you speak French, check out the original post where these images come from at Screentoyz. It looks like the author goes into detail about when each of these items were released. Before Star Wars. Before Micronauts. After G.I. Joe Adventure Team... we had The Six Million Dollar Man. Based on the hit 1973 television [...]

Two Kenner Star Wars Favorites

Imperial Troop Transport. The Droid Factory. These two items encapsulate the feelings of the magic of Star Wars for me in 1978 - 1979, and still make me a Kenner Kid to this very day. What makes these items so special to me is the fact that they were designed from scratch. Neither appeared in [...]

1984 Kenner Super Powers Hawkman

1984 Kenner Super Powers Hawkman When I was 14, DC Comics and Kenner teamed up to create the Super Powers line of action figures, vehicles and playsets. On my hunt to add to my "re-collection", I found this guy on Etsy. I overpaid for the shipping and he was supposed to come with his original mini-comic. [...]