A Long Time Ago

My Star Wars Collection, circa 2017 Going through some old photos, I found this one. Our Star Wars collection was small, but it was something that we enjoyed building together. Mrs. Multiverse's Ewok pieces were always fun to find. Most of these pieces are gone now. A few key Ewoks, and most of the pre [...]

What-if! Kenner Artists created Ultraman & Kamen Rider Kaiju?

Today we ask What-If... Kenner toy company Created Ultraman & Kamen Rider Kaiju toys in the 1970s. This is a pretty straight forward prompt, and the results were fun, and I want some of them for my collection. They don't have the articulation, but I didn't specify that. Perhaps if I did, the results would [...]

Revisiting “What-If Kenner Star Wars Kept Going”

Back in 2017 I posted, "Ever wanted more vintage style Kenner Star Wars action figures? Or wondered what else they could have come up with in their 5 P.O.A. [five points of articulation] line? I’ve seen companies like Funko make their line of ReAction Figures of properties from the 70s and 80s and hoping that Hasbro might release some throwback [...]