Invincible Guardians of World Freedom

Back in 1978 Marvel Comics and Mattel joined forces to release “Shogun Warriors”. It seemed like a perfect match to sell toys and comics. I liked the concept of the giant robots being piloted by three young people back when I was eight, so it really spoke to me. As far as consistently good plots, [...]

ボルテスV: DX Soul of Chogokin… Voltes V! レッツ・ボルト・イン!伝説のVOLT IN BOXが令和に復活「DX超合金魂 VOLT IN BOX 超電磁マシーン ボルテスV」登場!! "Super electromagnetic machine Voltes V" is a TV animation that was broadcast on NET (now TV Asahi) from June 4, 1977 to March 25, 1978. This Tamashii Nations', and arm of Bandai, Voltus V looks incredible! I never had the original toy from 1977, nor did [...]

My Shogun Warrior: Neo God Pharaoh from 1997 to 2020

In 1997 I wanted to create my own Shogun Warrior on my Windows 95 PC, I only had MS Paint at the time and my dream. Considering the limitations, I was satisfied with my results. I even made a follow-up image then walked away from my concept. All of the changed today. Don't ask me [...]