My First New Teen Titans Comic

The New Teen Titans No. Four My first New Teen Titans comic was issue number four from 1981. The fabulous confrontational cover reeled me in, the story set the hook... I was caught. Wolfman and Perez were a power-couple in the world of story weavers, they had me coming back for years. I quickly sought [...]

1984 Kenner Super Powers Hawkman

1984 Kenner Super Powers Hawkman When I was 14, DC Comics and Kenner teamed up to create the Super Powers line of action figures, vehicles and playsets. On my hunt to add to my "re-collection", I found this guy on Etsy. I overpaid for the shipping and he was supposed to come with his original mini-comic. [...]

Spot On Animation: Justice League Action

Justice League Action One evening, back in 2017, I was looking for something new to try on Google Play, I found Justice League Action. I was interested when I saw some of the previews before it came out some time before but not having cable I forgot about it. The price tag was a bit [...]

Founders Battle: JLA vs the Avengers

While browsing images, as I am often want to do, surfed right into this legendary battle. JLA vs the Avengers by Mark Bagley My only issues with this piece are that Hal Jordan’s (Green Lantern) costume isn’t correct for the era, but that is a minor detail, and Black Canary didn't appear in Brave and [...]