Star Wars Talk: ForceCenter Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts, since its inception a few years ago, is ForceCenter. It was borne of three fans getting together, meeting on a YouTube channel and launching something unique in audio form. Check out their YouTube channel here... ForceCenter. The trio consists of Ken Napzok, Jennifer Landa, and Joseph Scrimshaw. They have a [...]

Luke Skywalker and Duality

Something stuck out in my thoughts, as I was considering some old Star Wars E.U. stories, and that was the concept of duality. Luke Skywalker and Duality to be specific. You see, too me, Anakin brought forth balance to the Force when he fathered his son, Luke (Leia doesn’t seem to be an overt user of the [...]

My Top Seven Streaming Shows of 2020

Amongst the embers of the continuous dumpster fire that was the year 2020 there were some bright spots that took my household's focus off of the misery, isolation and loss we faced throughout the year. Not to mention the social upheaval that brought attention to deep underlying issues that still need to be fully addressed [...]

Yule Tidings

Stay Warm. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Happy Holidays from Doctor-Multiverse.Com.

Seasonal Viewing Habits

I have very specific seasonal viewing habits. In the Spring my entertainment skews heavily toward Star Wars while in the late nineties it began to delve mostly into sword and sorcery fantasy in Autumn. That morphed into being primarily Tolkien based media after Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy became readily available. It is [...]