Mazinger Z Grand Action Bigsize Model Action Figure

View Mazinger Z Grand Action Bigsize Model Action Figure From Evolution Toys comes a gigantic, articulated action figure of Mazinger Z! This Mazinger Z Grand Action Bigsize Model Mazinger Z Action Figure measures approximately 15¾-inches tall and features die-cast metal parts to support the joints for maximum posability. Mazinger Z comes with the Hover Plider, [...]

ウルトラマン / Ultraman Shinkocchou Seihou S.H.Figuarts Action Figure

I own the type A, version from a few years ago, but this one looks to be an improvement on the construction. That and the smoother helmet design is what I am looking for. I already own a few Sofubi figures that feature this helmet, but I REALLY want this figure. At one point I [...]

SHIN ULTRAMAN International Release Confirmed

We woke up to some wonderful news this morning... Shin Ultraman will be getting an international release. No details on when we will be seeing it in the Americas, but that's pretty exciting, nonetheless. Since I've sworn off theaters, I didn't like crowds before Covid, I'll be waiting for this to either hit streaming, or [...]

Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale

Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale was created by Studio Stray Dog Animation. The video dropped on YouTube a few days ago and has been a hit. The style of animation is not the same as Toriyama's, but therein lies the charm of the project. I was a pretty big fan of the franchise in the [...]

仮面ライダー / Kamen Rider 50 Years Exhibition

Not all Kamen Rider fans live in Japan, so the majority of us won't get to view this awesome exhibition. Fortunately there are fellow fans out there who have us covered.