Dean Trippe’s ‘Something Terrible’

'Something Terrible' is a beautifully illustrated story about Dean’s struggle with something terrible from his childhood. A simple, yet powerful, read that made me tear up. I first read this comic years ago, and recently re-listened to the Fatman on Batman podcast where Kevin interviewed Dean. It reminded me of the comic and the first [...]

Digital Illustration: Big Bang’s Dr. Weird

In the year 2031, young scientist Dr Rex Ward stepped into his experimental time machine, and vanished. He exited the machine into the library of a remote country house, in the year 1941. Unfortunately, the house was being burgled, and he was immediately shot dead. Fleeing the scene, the burglars torched the house to destroy [...]

Digital Show-and-Tell

Did you know that I share my drawings and the occasional collectibles on Instagram? Most of the time I share my latest art there before I post in on my website, while some things never get posted anywhere else. All IG posts there are by me. Whether it's a meme, or a photo taken, a [...]