Mego Style Dr. Midnite

Dr. Midnite 1974 Mego Style

Captain America’s First Issue Sells For Over $3 Million

A rare copy of 9.4 graded Captain America Comics #1, which contains the Captain's first appearance, sells for a record-setting $3.1 million at Heritage Auctions. The auction began on April 7th, and the near-mint copy of Captain America Comics #1 sold for $3,120,000. Bidding for the comic initially began at $1.8 million. That's a good chunk of change.

Golden Age Black Cat Nagel Style

The Golden Age Black Cat. Playing with a Patrick Nagel pose for practice.

MASHUP: The Man Destroyer

Golden Age Manhunter + Destroyer = The Man Destroyer The Man Destroyer! My mashup of DC's Manhunter and Timely Comics' Destroyer. While going through golden age stories, as one is want to do on occasions, I was inspired by the similarities in the two characters. There were a ton of characters that were interchangeable back then but these two [...]

Golden Age Public Domain Heroes: The Black Owl Re – Re – Design

The Black Owl was a Golden Age Superhero who is in the Public Domain. Honestly, I don't know too much about the character. Atomic Comics recently released a 70s style version of the character that I really enjoyed. While browsing some Bruce Timm artwork, last night, I was inspired by a Bat-Girl piece he did [...]