Multiverse Market is Temporarily Closed

Incase you were not aware, I sell vintage collectibles and toys online along with my graphic design and illustration endeavors. As a collector I love selling the things that I love, That may seem counterintuitive but it really is the case. I have a passion for both art and toys, while I attempt to make [...]

New Transformers Toys Incoming

I enjoyed the Transformers from time to time. They were introduced when I was 14, branded as Transformers. Not being one to care about where I got good story telling, I watch the G1 cartoons and enjoyed them. I never really had the toys, nor did I care to own them. I've been in an [...]

GhostBlasters? GhostStoppers? Ghostbusters! This behind-the-scenes video stealthily highlights the legal issues behind the use of the name "Ghostbusters". The name of was in contention because there was a television program called "Ghost Busters" in the mid 70's. The Ghost Busters was a live-action sitcom that ran in 1975, about a duo of bumbling detectives who would investigate [...]

Real Ghostbusters: Highway Haunter (1987) by Kenner… More Than Meets the Eye!

   My "new" piece has finally arrived, I am pretty stoked about this one! The Real Ghostbusters' Highway Haunter, by Kenner, is a very fun toy. Shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle, this vehicle harbors a horrifying secret. Press the head rests on the car seats down and the once benign bug turns into a giant [...]