Switching Up Focus a Bit

70's Sci-Fi Lifestyle

So I’ve been at this blogging thing for a while and it doesn’t seem to be going any one direction. Last year I upped my plan to the business platform to capitalize on selling designs, products, and my own abilities. It really hasn’t gone anywhere and I cannot afford to continue with anything but a […]

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Trying to find that Zero Point

After a week of prep and pre-sales, separating myself from nostalgia fueled emotional ties to old toys, our two day moving sale was a HUGE success. I can’t remember being this exhausted after my first week of basic training, granted I am thirty years older now. I have named this feeling “Yard Sale Hangover”. Just […]

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Getting My Headspace Squared Away

Those who know, say nothing.  Those don’t know, won’t shut up. Me? I am just here to work some things out. I am fascinated by Zen Buddhism, Daoism, and Stoicism. While I am not into the mystical, metaphysical or superstitious aspects of this world, the aspects of psychology and self discipline of those three methods […]

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