Witches, Vampires, and Werewolves

Oh my! We have been tardy to this party by about ten years, we are afraid to admit. It really wasn't even a blip on the radar. There were so many other programs that were just an automatic "must watch" that we had no idea. First, it just seemed like some sort of teen angst [...]

Illustration: Mego Heroes

Green Arrow Captain America how I wish he was. The Flash we never got. Falcon

Keaton’s New Bat-Suit

So, thanks to a "leak", we now have a more detailed view of Michael Keaton's new bat suit. It's not a huge deviation from his second suit from Tim Burton's Batman Returns. I am unsure as to how I feel about that. Was I hoping for more of an evolution? Perhaps. Although, Batman wouldn't be [...]

Flashpointing at the Obvious

Ezra Miller seems to not be able to avoid drama. Whether allegedly on the set, or in social situations out in the world. I've always enjoyed Ezra's work, and I love his take on the Flash. Having said that, I want to see Grant Gustin replace him. Nothing really needs to be re-filmed... something can [...]

Before Star Wars There Was Flash Gordon

Before Star Wars There Was Flash Gordon. A long time ago, on a planet of peril, a great adventure took place. Of course I am speaking of FLASH (ah ~ ahhh!) Gordon! For some reason this serial is one of my favorites. There are two others with Buster Crabbe but they are not as entertaining, to [...]