Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1979) by Filmation

Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1979) by Filmation was an animated feature produced by Filmation for broadcast by NBC television in 1979, but not broadcast until August 21, 1982. The original film elements were apparently lost when ownership of the Filmation library traded hands in the 1990s. This is what Flash Gordon was supposed [...]

Before Star Wars There Was Flash Gordon

Before Star Wars There Was Flash Gordon. A long time ago, on a planet of peril, a great adventure took place. Of course I am speaking of FLASH (ah ~ ahhh!) Gordon! For some reason this serial is one of my favorites. There are two others with Buster Crabbe but they are not as entertaining, to [...]

Bob Kane – Bill Finger = The Bat-Man?

I based this on Bob Kane's original design of the Bat-Man. Would we even still be talking about the Bat without Bill Finger's influence? I added the skull-cap, the chest emblem, and the organic wings. I chose to use the pose from the cover of #Superman #1. This one was fun to play with and [...]

A Long Time Ago, On TV Sets Every Saturday Morning… CARTOONS

Tis the season, well once upon a time this was the season for new cartoons to be released on Saturday morning. The Saturday Morning preview shows would usually air the Friday evening before the premier the next morning. These programs would usually be in the form of a variety show and they would create a [...]

Revisiting the Sci-Fi Dream Team Challenge

It’s no surprise that I watch a lot of Sci-Fi. I was watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager that is focusing primarily on the character of Neelix. A Talaxian “Jack of all trades”, expertly portrayed by Ethan Phillips. It is actually the final episode that Neelix is in. I then reflected on how the character [...]