Latest Designs: Skeletor, Blue Falcon & Dr. Steel

   I really love to design, draw, and make graphics of every type. While I don't get much for each sale, I do get a few bucks which is pretty nice. Check out my store on TeePublic for apparel, mugs, stickers and more.

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Autumn is Nearly Upon Us, and My Annual Journey to Middle Earth Beckons

   Autumn is nearly upon us, mere days away in fact, and every year I feel the need to revisit the works of Tolkien. It's possible that it is some feeling of solidarity with the Fellowship who began their long journey around this time of year. Who knows. What I do know is that when… Continue reading Autumn is Nearly Upon Us, and My Annual Journey to Middle Earth Beckons

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The Underrated: Catwoman (2004)

   First, check your knee-jerk reaction at the anti-social media door. I can see you prepared to pull your digital pants down to crap all over this. Heck, I am guilty of crapping on this film from 2004 myself.    Until last night, I had only seen clips of this movie and read / heard… Continue reading The Underrated: Catwoman (2004)

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Leonard Nimoy’s “In Search Of: Future Life”

     In this, the 14th episode of the 6th season, Mr. Nimoy explores the Futurist Lifestyle. Titled “Future Life“, it’s one of the handful of episodes that actually tackles ideas that have a concrete concepts. While I have fond and frightening memories of “In Search Of“, it had very little to do with exploring… Continue reading Leonard Nimoy’s “In Search Of: Future Life”

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What was Your Favorite Version of Dracula?

       What was your favorite version of the Count? Pedestrian as they may be, my choices are Lugosi, Lee, and Oldman. Each one of these men brought something special to the role of the undead master of the night. If there were no rights issues with the estate of Stoker, the Count from… Continue reading What was Your Favorite Version of Dracula?


Venger Statue by Pop Culture Shock

Dungeons and Dragons: Venger, Dungeons and Dragons Statue    Dungeons and Dragons was a well written and nicely animated program that ran from 1983 through 1985. While I had the first Basic Edition set of the TSR game, I never could find anybody to play with. This show was the next best thing, at least… Continue reading Venger Statue by Pop Culture Shock

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Studio Ghibli: Princess Mononoke (1997)

Princess Mononoke, Studio Ghibli (1997)    So, I guess, I’ve been living under a rock for roughly 20 years now. I have never seen this movie. Sure, I’ve heard of it, but when I watch Japanese Animation it’s usually containing Ninja, Samurai or Giant Mechs & Kaiju. It is entirely understandable how a movie about a… Continue reading Studio Ghibli: Princess Mononoke (1997)