What’s Next for Marvel’s Moon Knight?

What's next for Marvel's Moon Knight? Well if Mohamed Diab has anything to say about it a feature film is on his wish list. According the "The Wrap" he would love to have the chance to make Moon Knight into a film. “Maybe join someone from the Marvel Universe so it’s like partnering up with [...]

The Monster Society

The Monster Society. This is a rarity that I do multiple characters in one piece. Now that I am thinking about it, I should have done each individually and then combined them into one piece. Originally dubbed "Kaiju Corps", I wanted to do my own Superhero team of classical monsters ala Monster Squad. I began with the [...]

Egyptian Goddess: Isis

I made all of the adjustments to my previous base drawing, plus a few more. They I settled on a 70s style Isis in Hot Pants and a Tube Top. Ah the 70s. The above image began here... I had the basic line work down for this but I had no idea where to go from [...]

Pop Art Portrait Project (7th February)

Part two of my artistic self discovery...

My Pop Art Portrait Project Part Three (Updated 31, Jan)

Part two of my artistic self discovery...