2021 Digital Art Gallery (Updated 5 Feb)

So here we are… 2021. We survived the shit-show that was 2020, and the prior three years of foolishness before that. My second journey into Art began officially in 2019 and I have grown from there. Drawing has been an important tool in quitting my thoughts and finding my center. In 2020, I received my first digital drawing tablet, and while it took me a while to warm up to it, it is now my primary mode of creating art.

This gallery will contain my non Pop Art Portrait Project pieces, some of which are from 2020, but I haven’t posted on the site yet.

Digital Drawing: Black Panther

From rough sketch to finish, this T’Challa was great fun to render. I attempted a few different background elements but nothing could compete with the Panther God from Black Panther’s first appearance in the Fantastic Four comic. I wanted a Jack Kirby element and that fit the bill perfectly. While not technically perfect for a start to finish digital piece, I am happy with it.

I was so satisfied with how the Panther God element turned out, I fleshed it out a bit more and posted the design on my TeePublic shop.