The Monster Squad (1976)

When anybody mentions Monster Squad the squad that appears in my mind is from 1976. The Monster Squad is a television series produced by D'Angelo-Bullock-Allen Productions that aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September 11, 1976, to September 3, 1977. This Saturday Morning program was my jam. Via Wikipedia: The monsters, wanting to make up for the misdeeds of their [...]

Grampa Munster’s Monster Movies

I found this gem on YouTube and had to share it. Grab your popcorn Monster Kiddies... things are about to go bump in the night.

2021 Digital Art Gallery (Updated 5 Feb)

I've had some serious artist block since last September, then in April things started loosening up. This quarantine thing has really agreed with me. There have been a few outright flat misses but I feel that these represent some improvements in my overall style. The key has been, no matter how happy I am with a result, I can erase and do better. While there is still a ton of room for improvement, I am satisfied with where I am heading... and having just turned 50, I am happy with any progress at all.

What was Your Favorite Version of Dracula?

       What was your favorite version of the Count? Pedestrian as they may be, my choices are Lugosi, Lee, and Oldman. Each one of these men brought something special to the role of the undead master of the night. If there were no rights issues with the estate of Stoker, the Count from [...]