The Making of Star Wars Often, some may say "all too often", I revisit this Making Of video. The freshness of the film is encapsulated within, and I love to have that feeling brought back, over and over again. This one has a special meaning to me... you see, I had to go with my parents to the Airport [...]

Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager. One of my favorite shows to revisit. Between this and Deep Space Nine lies my favorite Trek tales, and characters. Mrs. Multiverse and I re-watch VOY and DS9 regularly... almost as comfort viewing. I also enjoy a good documentary, combine that with Voyager and you have a pretty stoked Doctor Multiverse. In [...]

Trek Nation, A Son’s Journey to Learn about His Father, the Creator of Star Trek

A great documentary that gives the host, Eugene Roddenberry, and the watcher a deeper insight of Gene Roddenberry, what he created and how it affects the fans of Star Trek. There are a lot of famous faces in this doc, and there are some revelations of Gene that you may or may not know. For [...]

Review: Jon Schnepp’s ‘The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened?’

   So one day, a few years ago, we all woke up to the internet and saw THIS photo of Nick Cage in a Superman suit. I don’t know about you but I was like “What the hell is this!?”, and “Dodged that, faster than a speeding bullet”. You see, I had gotten so used [...]

Watching “The People vs George Lucas” on Netflix. A.K.A. “Star Wars Fans Bitching”

   George Lucas. A first name and a last name. Yet those two names together evoke some odd emotional response. I consider myself a Star Wars fan, sure I’ve gone on prequel rants before but at the end of the day I’ll watch them and enjoy them for what they are. Blaming George for all [...]