Dean Trippe’s ‘Something Terrible’

'Something Terrible' is a beautifully illustrated story about Dean’s struggle with something terrible from his childhood. A simple, yet powerful, read that made me tear up. I first read this comic years ago, and recently re-listened to the Fatman on Batman podcast where Kevin interviewed Dean. It reminded me of the comic and the first [...]

Tom Baker on Doctor Who: ‘It was so much better than real life’

With his long scarf and love of jelly babies, Baker's fourth Doctor remains one of the most instantly recognizable incarnations of the Time Lord. He is also the show's longest-serving star, having played the role from 1974 to 1981. Read this classic interview with the Fourth Doctor, my Doctor, Tom Baker from 2013. He speaks [...]

Peter Howell gives the Doctor Who Theme an 80s Remix

Great sci-fi usually is accompanied by an iconic opening theme. If your program is decades old, you often find a need to refresh that theme from time to time. That's exactly what Peter Howell did to the classic Doctor Who theme. He brought in an electronic 80's (late 70s) aesthetic to an already ethereal sound. [...]