New Presence on Tumblr

So, I broke down and now have another account. This time on Tumblr. Tumblr give me the micro-blogging ability that I enjoy without having to get too involved in the crafting a full blog post. I wanted something that would complement this site without being to labor intensive. The format is allowing me to post those small things that I would normally share to other social media sites, but the options to do so are better and it also allows for an easier re-sharing. It also seems to give me a few more tools to incorporate content here on proper.

If you have a Tumblr account, please drop your handle down in the comments to connect.


So I recently found myself repeatedly “doomscrolling” over the past few months. Even when it wasn’t particularly just negative posts, tweets, etc., I would just keep scrolling down for the next high or low. After checking my engagement analytics numbers I found that anything I am doing on Twitter or Facebook isn’t doing anything for me marketing-wise. When I added up those two factors it seems that both are a waste of my time, and effort. I still enjoy Instagram since it is a very passive app for me to use, and I enjoy sharing my toys, pets, and art.

While I am not deleting my accounts, I am avoiding them for the sake of my mental health and my dwindling time left on this plane of existence. My blog posts will be shared on those sites still, along with Tumblr and LinkedIn… those are going to be a Fire and Forget post. You can contact me via my recently reactivated contact form, Instagram, or just directly mail me at

It’s not been easy to avoid the time sink sites, but it’s also been nice. I have more time to art and play with my website. After purging the big two from my life, I may try to prune a few more that don’t benefit my endeavors.

Digital Drawing: Black Panther

From rough sketch to finish, this T’Challa was great fun to render. I attempted a few different background elements but nothing could compete with the Panther God from Black Panther’s first appearance in the Fantastic Four comic. I wanted a Jack Kirby element and that fit the bill perfectly. While not technically perfect for a start to finish digital piece, I am happy with it.

I was so satisfied with how the Panther God element turned out, I fleshed it out a bit more and posted the design on my TeePublic shop.