Digital Art: Athena

After three and a half days of a sinus headache that kept me down, I return to my drawing tablet with this Greek God. Athena Goddess of Wisdom and War. I was inspired by a piece by Ramona Fradon. This is the first piece in a while that I have felt really good about. Some [...]

Digital Art: Playing Around with Doc

From time to time, I enjoy playing around with my original character persona. The cool thing about the character is that they can be a man, a woman, a robot, a monster... nothing is out of bounds in the Multiverse. It's a fun concept. Animated Superhero DM Tokusatsu DM

Digital Art: Prince Namor: The Submariner

Stepping out of my comfort zone. Foreshortening is NOT my friend. I had more fun creating the underwater feel than I did with rendering Namor.

Drawing Spider Woman, Bruce Timm Style Circa 2017

It’s been a while since I posted this piece. I was adding some Bruce Timm images to a Pinterest board, and I found a Spider Woman (Jessica Drew) that he had done. What struck me about was the simplicity. The line from the shoulder to the knee inspired me to take a shot at re-drawing the [...]

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