Illustration: Nightwing

Earth – 2 Robin

Earth - 2 Robin Earth - 2 Robin: I'll admit that I was really lazy with this one. I sketched the full body but just wasn't feeling it.

Side-Notes: Ranking Robins

Check out this deep-dive into the many faces of Robin, Batman's lil' chum. There is one of my favorite Robin's that wasn't listed, Bruce Wayne's "proto-Robin" from Superman Batman Generations v1 issue #4. The year was 1939, and Bruce's first outing was as Robin? I love Else-Worlds. Superman Batman Generations v1 issue #4 As kid [...]

The History of Dick Grayson

   I was browsing YouTube for something different and I ran across ItsSuperEffective‘s channel. This guy has some crazy awesome anime hair, and will school you on just about anything comics related. Above is a video of a, near 25 minute, non-stop history of Dick Grayson, the original Robin. From his first appearance to the events [...]