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Greenish: The Brekr Electric Moped

   This is a pretty cool idea, and I really appreciate the lines but where is the "Ped" part of this MoPed? The pedals to power the vehicle when it runs out of fuel or you just feel like peddling is one of the "greenest" things that you can do, and they are absent. At… Continue reading Greenish: The Brekr Electric Moped

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Quick Thoughts: The Atari VCS Enters Pre-Production

   This console gives me all of the nostalgic feels. It more of a work of art than a video gaming system. With a price tag of over $350, it is a bit on the spendy side for a modern machine that will come with a lot of the old Atari games. The price isn't… Continue reading Quick Thoughts: The Atari VCS Enters Pre-Production


Latest Designs: Skeletor, Blue Falcon & Dr. Steel

   I really love to design, draw, and make graphics of every type. While I don't get much for each sale, I do get a few bucks which is pretty nice. Check out my store on TeePublic for apparel, mugs, stickers and more.


Big Jim’s P.A.C.K. – Dr. Steel

   For a very long time I've wanted to do this design. It is from Jack Kirby's illustration of Dr. Steel from the packing for that classic Mattel toy. Recreating the line art using nothing by shapes was a pain, but it's scalable to any size. As what is virtually the digital inker of the… Continue reading Big Jim’s P.A.C.K. – Dr. Steel


Long before Mera, there was Namora of Atlantis

   This is a piece that I have been refining since last Thursday. Namora went from a rough sketch break, to a larger piece then I started over on to this one. In this case, I went too far. Too much ink and too much whiteout. She looks a lot better in this flash photo… Continue reading Long before Mera, there was Namora of Atlantis