Batman No.1

Batman No.1 (1940) That's all. Just Batman number one. In nearly perfect condition. It contains the first appearance of both the Joker and the Cat, a.k.a. Catwoman. The 1st Joker The "Cat" I just had to include this page... "Quiet or Papa Spank!" LMAO!

Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue No. 8 with Cover Art by Yours Truly

I've been setting on this for a few months now, but Brian has let the bat out of the belfry so it's all fair game. This was a great project to be a part of and I loved working with Brian on the cover. Please consider supporting Toy Ventures Magazine, if you are able to. [...]

Lines, Lines, Everywhere Lines posted this over on Facebook. Very amusing. I attempted to find the original, but I was unsuccessful, so I posted the link back to the whole site ( Click the photo to go there. While I enjoy well rendered superheroes, I get a bit fatigued with the ongoing trend of over rendering details of [...]

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Kirby, Comin’ At’cha

Jack Kirby was the master if the dynamic action comic book cover. He usually had a primary subject with some smaller secondaries or interesting background elements. These are some of the most engaging covers that make you was to purchase the book as they demanded attention.