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Rewatch: Legends of Tomorrow

   I've been a fan of Legends of Tomorrow since it first aired. It was unique and quirky, in other words it shouldn't have ever existed. Fortunately there are execs at the CW who apparently are into taking chances. After all of these seasons Legends come and Legends go, and a few have made the… Continue reading Rewatch: Legends of Tomorrow

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The Underrated: Catwoman (2004)

   First, check your knee-jerk reaction at the anti-social media door. I can see you prepared to pull your digital pants down to crap all over this. Heck, I am guilty of crapping on this film from 2004 myself.    Until last night, I had only seen clips of this movie and read / heard… Continue reading The Underrated: Catwoman (2004)

Certain Point of View

A New Superman? Why not? Stay Open to the Options.

   So today, the internet broke with the "news", more like speculation, that Henry Cavill was out as Superman. After the shit storm, names were bandied about. Most notably, to me, was Michael B. Jordan. This choice intrigued me. As a matter of fact, Jordan could bring something new to the character, but this isn't… Continue reading A New Superman? Why not? Stay Open to the Options.


Superman and His Incredible Fortress of Solitude

  Source: Superman and His Incredible Fortress of Solitude – DC Special Series large format comic #26 (1981)    This issue of DC Special Series is a treat. Head over to “A Superman Collector in Hawaii” to read his entry on the issue.    When I was a kid, I couldn’t get enough of Superhero Secret… Continue reading Superman and His Incredible Fortress of Solitude