DataBits: Expanding CW’s Superman/ Disney Strikes Back/ Librarians Spinoff/ Decommissioning the Galactic Starcruiser/ Jimmy Olsen Transforms!

I’d love to see more familiar heroes pop up on Superman and Lois, but I just don’t see the network being willing to go for it. The Arrowverse has seen diminishing returns over the past few years and just trying to keep it going for the sake of keeping it going just cannot be enough […]

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The Crisis on CW Earths

Here at the Quantum Continuum, Mrs. Multiverse and I are re-watching the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the CW Arrowverse cross-over event that originally aired in 2019. Getting the obvious out of the way… it’s nothing like the Crisis of 1985. I was fifteen when that limited series was released and felt so big. The writing […]

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