Witches, Vampires, and Werewolves

Oh my! We have been tardy to this party by about ten years, we are afraid to admit. It really wasn't even a blip on the radar. There were so many other programs that were just an automatic "must watch" that we had no idea. First, it just seemed like some sort of teen angst [...]

Babylon 5 Two Point Oh

JM Straczynski is writing and exec producing, what has been described as a “from-the-ground-up reboot” of the 1990s series by Warner Bros. Television, Babylon 5. The new version would follow John Sheridan, an Earthforce officer with a mysterious background, who is assigned to Babylon 5, that serves as a United Nations / New York City [...]

Catching up with Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois on the CW... well via app in my case. It's a great show! With the glut of shows to watch, Mrs. Multiverse and I fell out of this one when it went on hiatus during the first season. We restarted it recently and really have been enjoying ourselves. It adds a whole [...]

Superman & Lois: Impressive First Flight

Superman & Lois: Impressive First Flight! This evening I watched the first episode of Superman and Lois. As a fan of the early seasons of Supergirl I was very impressed with the tone, writing, execution of the story and the wonderful visual effects.

Catching up with the Coming Crisis

   When Arrow first aired, I was there. For every episode, I was there. After the fourth or fifth season we had an on-again-off-again relationship. The plots were hampered by more drama than was necessary, but I guess that is the nature of storytelling now. Instead of ranting about it I chose to just become [...]