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A New Appreciation for Hawkeye

   In the comics, Hawkeye was never a favorite character. He was always a Green Arrow analog to me. His one interesting feature was that he started out as a villain.    Due to my aversion to large crowds, and poor timing, I have only just recently watched Avengers: Endgame. I was blown away by… Continue reading A New Appreciation for Hawkeye

Certain Point of View

My Top 3 [x 2] Robots, Bottom 3, & 3 In Between

  Re-Listening to Plaid Stallions “Robots” podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkFdDahEU_U. For my lists, i really wanted to pick some different robots. I agreed with most of the choices, but not all. So, without further ado, here is my list. My top 3 are: K-9 (Doctor  Who), Gonk (Star Wars: A New Hope), Zeroid(S.T.A.R. Team)    My top 3 humanoid [splitting hairs, sue me] robots are: Dorian (Almost… Continue reading My Top 3 [x 2] Robots, Bottom 3, & 3 In Between


Legacy Hero: Ranger Zero

   Back in the mid 2000's, I came up with the concept of a character who handed down the mantle of his identity. The first learned about two legendary heroes, one from Middle Ages France, the other from Feudal Japan. Ranger Zero (one) began a legacy of fighting for the oppressed, downtrodden, and those who… Continue reading Legacy Hero: Ranger Zero

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One Perfect Panel ~ Star Wars #2

   This perfect panel is from Star Wars issue #2, page 6, 1977. It was drawn by Howard Chaykin, colored by Steve Leialoha, and lettered by Tom Orzechowski. The issue was edited by Roy Thomas. This one panel conveys as much emotional weight as the original scene with Sir Alec Guinness. The script is slightly… Continue reading One Perfect Panel ~ Star Wars #2


Comic Book Collecting: Going Greener with Digital

   When I first heard of Digital comics my first thought was “Hey, that ‘s pretty cool, but it will never replace the same feel of actually holding the book in your hands and reading it.” That was then and this is now. Over my life I’ve had tens of thousands of comics and it… Continue reading Comic Book Collecting: Going Greener with Digital

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What was Your First Comic Book Series?

   To be more detailed, what was your first series that you were aboard on from issue number one? Mini-Series won't count for this one.     After some thought, I thought that The New Teen Titans was my first, but I discovered them in their fourth issue then scrambled to collect the previous three.… Continue reading What was Your First Comic Book Series?