Epic Byrne: The Comic Art of John Byrne

Epic Byrne is my excuse to share art from my favorite artist of all time. You'll note that I did not say "comic artist". He is probably the reason I sampled other comics from the Fantastic Four, to Lab Rats. He is more that just an artist but also a wonderful writer. He's a fan [...]

Bob Kane – Bill Finger = The Bat-Man?

I based this on Bob Kane's original design of the Bat-Man. Would we even still be talking about the Bat without Bill Finger's influence? I added the skull-cap, the chest emblem, and the organic wings. I chose to use the pose from the cover of #Superman #1. This one was fun to play with and [...]

HOLY SNIKT! X-Men Wolverine One:12

Purchase on Entertainment Earth SNIKT! Wolverine claws his way to the top of the One:12 Collective. The X-Men Wolverine One:12 is a beautiful piece... one improvement would be an optional accessory pack that would give us his brown and tan suit that John Byrne introduced. The One:12 Collective Wolverine – Deluxe Steel Boxed Set is [...]

Comic Covers: DC’s Cartoon Network Presents Toonami #5 1997

Cartoon Network Presents Toonami #5 by DC Comics 1997 This cover came to my attention this morning, and I just felt compelled to share it. DC's Cartoon Network Presents Toonami #5's by Peter Gross cover isn't the best in anatomical proportions but the feeling it coveys is bold, and the line weights are incredible! The [...]

Who is the Peacemaker?

In case you were asking yourself just who this character is that John Cena is going to be portraying in the new Suicide Squad movie, and apparently also a new HBO series, here is the short of it. The original Peacemaker first appeared in Fightin' 5 #40 (November 1966) and was created by writer Joe Gill and artist Pat Boyette. [...]